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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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I didn't mind the shot of Voyager on the Full Circle cover, but to repeat the idea on the next book feels uninspired. This is made worse by the feeling that the artwork is unfinished and could use some polishing.

My issue with these is that, with the notable exception of The Never-Ending Sacrifice, the covers for the upcoming novels feel like a return to the era of a lack of inspiration for Trek covers dominated by floating heads in space. Granted the Titan and Vanguard covers stay true to established motifs (and are well executed, just like their predecessors), but does this mean that from here on out we'll be seeing uninspired ship shots for Voyager's relaunch? The cover for The Romulan War does not, in any way, convey a 'war' to me, not even a cold war; instead it makes me think we're going to be getting a lot of cerebral diplomatic conversations. The Sorrows of Empire's cover is bland, bland, bland - are we on Vulcan? And the cover for The Soul Key just looks cheap.

I guess this just goes to show how spoiled we've been over the last couple of years when it came to gorgeous artwork for our Trek covers.
My feelings exactly. "Floating heads again...dammit" was the first thing that came to mind.

And as for Margaret's comment about what amount to "Trek-lite" covers...look, I understand to a certain extent where she's coming from. I feel less awkward about reading Trek books on the Kindle in public than if I'm holding a paperback.

But here's the thing: that attitude's left over from being friends with a whole bunch of people who couldn't give a damn about Trek.

That's also left over from a time before a new Star Trek film could pull in $250 million domestically.

I can't imagine that shame over being seen with a Trek novel in public has any appreciable impact on Pocket's bottom line.

And if it does, that still doesn't excuse these lazy designs. As someone else alluded to earlier, "Star Trek" is still on the cover; people are still wearing Starfleet uniforms on them. Those designs are plenty recognizable. They're just amateurish. Frankly, I'd be more embarrassed to be seen in public reading something with The Soul Key's cover than with The Never Ending Sacrifice's art. Even if you do have to go the floating-heads route, Titan's done a great job with theirs - Orion's Hounds color scheme works particularly well.

I'm still excited to read these, but there's no valid reason that I shouldn't demand what amounts to a nice garnish with the main course.
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