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Aurora Class Slipstream Prototype

This ship is an oldie; I stumbled upon her while searching for another design (there's like 100's of drawings scattered around two drawers), but when my eye fell upon her I just had the urge to do something with it. I could use some ideas in how to model the deflector housing, though. My vision for this prototype is that it's made from a Starfleet perspective, not Arturis' race: the energy for the slipstreamtunnel is channeled through four emitters on the nacelles, because afterall, Starfleet uses nacelles for their propulsion, not deflectors. That results in a fairly normal deflector, perhaps with a fallback system so that the deflector can aid in the stabilisation of the slipstreamtunnel, but it will most definitely not be the main source.

This is one big organic shape mess, so any help is appreciated
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