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Re: Thoughts on the Romulan Empire

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It would have been more true-to-life if we saw that a culture built on war and an economy dedicated to the military over all else left the common non-warrior Klingon living in squalor.
I like the idea. The vast majority of Klingons live in squalor. The Empire is ruled by dozens of military dictators. Klingons are indoctrinated, almost from birth, to believe that non-Klingons are inferior, and that the greatest glory is to give one’s life in suicidal attacks against the enemies of the empire. And when we finally learn of the founder of the Klingon way, his name isn’t Kahless. It’s Muhammad. Now that would have made for compelling televion.

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They never mentioned just WHAT caused the prior civilian government to fail though.
Probably the Dolchstoss.
The stab in the back myth that German reactionaries claimed was the reason why the Second German Reich lost world war I?
Yes, that’s what I was referring to. The Cardassian Union is suffering, militarily and/or economically, and they come up with this idea that a “fifth column” has compromised the civilian government and caused all its failings by stabbing it in the back. A military junta comes to power and easily wins the support of most Cardassians, who believe that they will provide protection from these enemies within.

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