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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

Unworthy- I liked the simple shot of Voyager in space for Full Circle. It really projected the tone of the book, feeling contemplative, hopeful, sad, majestic, and simple all at once. This time around, it feels uninspired, though. The Voyager render also doesn't hide that it's CGI all to well. I wonder what happened to the design-in-progress with Seven and Chakotay on the front.

Enterprise- It's not as awful as all the posters on TrekMovie are saying (not that anything seems to please that crowd), just... plain. It says "Enterprise", but not "Romulan War". I like T'Pol finally in uniform, though.

Titan- Um... when did Jonathan Frakes start posing for the covers of romance novels? The flying open collar of the undershirt is a little extreme. Minuet seems awkward, too. Not bad besides that, though. It would be plain, but it's not an event novel like the previous two.

Vangaurd- Awesome shot, but ever since his blog opened I've been a Drexler fanboy, so that opinion is expected.

I'm looking forward to these books, although I need to catch up on Titan and Vangaurd before I get to them.
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