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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I was looking over my photos of the 11-foot model taken during my trip to DC back in 2006, and I noticed right next to the 1837 secondary hull decal near the hangar bay is some kind of clear bulb thing I never realized was there before. It wasn't until I watched "Conscience of the King" when I realized that bulb was used by the Remastering team as the elusive Ion Pod. Was that the original intent of that bulb or was it just a light?
It was originally (before remastering) a blinking formation light that was in sequence with similar lights on the primary hull.

Honestly, the attempt to add more effects footage to Court Martial (and point out the ion pod) in the remastered version was a mistake. It was best left unknown rather than attempting to repurpose something that already had a function.

But in the end it served the purpose that the remastering team wanted... it let them do something extra and visually interesting.
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