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Re: Favorite alien race

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Hah, I enjoyed harassing the "Klingon" at the sci-fi convention I went to. Spoke Cardassian (my made-up version of it...isn't that sad? ), insulted his honor, the whole works.
Ah, yes several cutting remarks that did great damage to his ego. Superior Cardassian intellect wins out again.

Seriously, we lost a war to THAT rabble?

More like the Federation refused to take a stand when their "allies" got out of line. And who knows--we had it down to a stalemate before Dukat the Traitor took over...we could've won yet!
Of course our superior tactics and strategy where winning the day but the Klingon's cloaks give them a big advantage in Ship to Ship combat.
Damn Romulans...

And yeah the Federation should have payed more attention to their unstable allies, the KE is a extremist state based on a blood stoaked ideology of 'honourable' combat. That's not going to end well for anyone. (except for the Founders...)
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