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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

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My, my, but you underestimate Cardassian mental discipline, don't you, DevilEyes? These people are capable of resisting mind-melds, not being read by telepaths, have eidetic memories--need I go on?

Also, I might add something interesting to think about, when it comes to the Cardassians' abilities as spies. They are remarkably successful at it--and considering that their hearing is quantitatively inferior to other species, to include humanity, this is an even cooler achievement. (Personally, I like to think that they don't artificially enhance their hearing--that it's all in the technique. )
^ True - I almost forgot about their mental discipline - another reason why I love the s, besides everything that has been already stated in this thread (and their shoulders and necks *ahem* ).

I would like someone to remind me of something awesome about the Romulans, especially the post-TOS Romulans. Sometimes it seems that they're just used by s and s as a negative reference. And they had so much potential, which makes it sad.
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