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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

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Wow, with the exception of Precipe, all of the covers are awful.
I wouldn't go that far. The cover for Synthesis is decent enough, and keeps in line with all of the other Titan cover designs (which I love, BTW). The cover for Unworthy is generic and uninspired, much like Full Circle. Not bad, just not interesting. I'd say the most disappointing cover art is for The Romulan War - I was expecting a far more interesting cover design. Pocket's final choice makes the novel seem a little dull and boring, and T'Pol just looks wrong.

Having said that, some of the Trek cover designs are starting to disappoint me again. The art for Losing the Peace seems "off" somehow. The design choice for The Soul Key looks like something an amateur would do. Sometimes Pocket pulls something great, like the Vanguard art, but lately I've been growing disappointed with their creative choices.
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