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Re: Thoughts on the Romulan Empire

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Precisely, can technology exclusive to war feed the people? Can it improve living conditions? Better war tech means for a better army and more resource raids but I doubt it can go on forever. It would have been more true-to-life if we saw that a culture built on war and an economy dedicated to the military over all else left the common non-warrior Klingon living in squalor.
Funnily enough, yes. Advances in military technology are usually accompanied by leaps in the quality of civilian life, simply because military technology really does trickle down the the civilian sector with rather powerful results. Everything from computers to jet aircraft to nuclear power to gleaned from military advances. Many engineering techniques that are now common were pioneered by military engineers. The amount of stuff that we take for granted which was derived from military technology is staggering.
Really? I must study my social development with regards to military technology better.

In your opinion, what kind of war-oriented society would cause the armies to be strong and advanced while the common civilian lives in squalor? Would it have to be an underdeveloped 3rd World nation of Space to be that bad off?
In a word, Socialist. In order for a civilian population to not benefit from advances in energy, transportation, computing, engineering, fabrication, materials, logistics, and many other things integral to the military, it would need to have a command economy run either by an idiot so someone who is absurdly corrupt, possibly both. To see the absurdly corrupt idiot effect, just look at North Korea, which does have decent military science, and crappy everything else.

Beyond that, pretty much every Third World country is unable to lacks a decent industrial and scientific infrastructure, and is thus to buy equipment from First and Second World countries. In this case, idiot leaders use natural resources to buy weapons that they have no idea how to make or maintain instead of using them to build up the infrastructure required to make their own.

In a capitalist society it is impossible for military advances to not trickle down to the civilian populations, with the possible exception of dangerous secret technologies such as cloaking devices or radar resistant paint (you don't see too many stealth civilian aircraft). The companies that make military tools also make civilian tools, things like fly-by-wire flight control systems that are necessary for aerodynamically unstable stealth craft are eventually adapted and integrated into civilian aircraft to reduce cost and increase safety.
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