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Re: Most Important Horror Films of the Past Decade?

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(all of the Freddy Krueger/Michael Myers/Jason Vorhees stuff... Just haven't seen it.)

And yeah, for horror/retro campy cheese fans, you've got to see Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Great film.

I've seen extensive clips of Dracula, but not the whole thing.
Wow, as a classic horror fan, you have got to see the 1978 "Halloween". It probably won't seem that original to you now, but keep in mind that it pretty much invented the whole 'slasher' genre, and even after being ripped off endlessly over the past 30 years, it's still got some of the most beautifully chilling opening scenes of any movie and remains masterful in its pacing in order to achieve maximum suspense.

I love the way it teases you by waiting so long to reveal what the big threat of the movie looks like (a lesson learned well by Alien the following year) to make you anxious to see it and more intrigued when you do. I've seen it more times than any other horror movie and it's still my favourite. In addition to amazing atmosphere, music, and direction, it also has a riveting (and occasionally funny) performance from Donald Pleasance. His dialogue about Michael Myers is unforgettably eloquent and intense.

And Ed Wood isn't just a nice tribute to retro/cheesy/campy horor's marvelously touching in its reverence for movies in general. One of the reasons it's one of my favourite movies is because of how it celebrates Ed Wood through his passion for movies and how much he loves talking about them and making them, even if he's bad at it. By lavishing so much reverence on Ed Wood, it's able to be a poignant tribute to all people who are passionate about movies too.

Are you talking about the 1931 Dracula? I found that movie disappointing. I love Bela Lugosi's performance and visually it's really interesting with its use of location and the way Dracula's interactions with his victims are lighted, shot, etc., but the ending is really anti-climactic. I guess it had to be the way it was due to limits of the time about how much violence could be shown in a movie, but I think it could have been done better.
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