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Re: Sexiest DS9 character?

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TMF--Why does Ezri (or any other woman) have to dress provocatively or in a risque fashion to be attractive?
I didn't say they have to dress that way to look attractive. As I said, I do find Ezri attractive, but we're talking about sex appeal which means a little more than just 'attractive'. And women can be sexy without dressing provocatively, but if that's not the reason they're sexy, I'd think the reason would have to do with the way they conduct themselves - for me, that's projecting an attitude of confidence and pride, as well as a personality that shows individuality, cleverness, and depth.

I didn't see those kinds of qualities in Ezri, so basically she didn't really fit my idea of sexy in either her look or the way she carried herself. Again, that's not to say I didn't like her. I liked her more the way you like a little kid who you find charming because they're so honest, helpful, and nice, which is obviously not a sexual way to like someone.

Ryuroots said she's someone you just want to hug and I feel that way about her too, but I think that's different from finding someone sexy. If someone appeals to you sexually, you want to do a lot more than just hug them. I guess we just have different definitions of what in a woman's appearance and personality makes them appeal on that level.

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