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Re: Fallout 3 dlc Point Lookout available on XBL

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you get the slo-burn flamer in #3 of my previous post
OK, then I must be thinking of the other one, as there are two unique Flamers in Broken Steel for whatever reason.
upon review, you are correct, why there are two unique versions of the second most useless ranged weapon in the game (the chinese pistol being #1) is beyond me, there are still several weapons without unique variants, like the normal Assault Rifle, the Plasma Pistol, and the BB gun
There are actually THREE, which is even worse.
-Rapid-Torch Flamer (Broken Steel)
-Slo-Burn Flamer (Broken Steel)

There is a unique Assault Rifle that was coded into the game, but was removed from actually appearing. You can use the command console to get it, but I've never tried that for any of the deleted content.
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