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Re: Wii Controller Questions

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Alright, these questions should be relatively easy to answer but I can't test them myself because I don't yet have a Wii.

I am planning on buying a Wii soon and I have some questions about what accessories are really necessary.

I'll mention that I already own Gamecube controllers and I know that they will work with the Wii. Is this only true for Gamecube games that you are playing on the Wii, or for new Wii games as well?

I know you can use them for Mario it possible, in multiplayer mode, to have one person using the wheel and one person using a Gamecube controller, or do you have to use the same controller type when you are playing together?

Is it really necessary to buy another nunchuck? Some people have said yes and some have said no. It seems like the nunchuck is mostly used for single-player games, is this the wrong impression?

What are the Zapper or the Nyko gun really needed for?

Can all of the games you get through Virtual Console be played using the Gamecube controller? If so, I am assuming it is not necessary to get the "Wii Classic Controller." If you want to play an SNES game, would using the Gamecube controller be difficult?

How important is it to have a charge station?

And my last question, was that enough questions?
1) Gamecube controllers are MOSTLY for GC/Virtual Console games, but as you mentioned, there are some Wii titles that support it. They are few and far between,however, and it should mention on the box if you can use the GC controller.

2) In Mario Kart, all 4 players can use different control schemes if you want (wiimote alone/wii wheel, wiimote + nunchuk, Classic Controller, GC controller). I personally prefer the wiimote/nunchuck configuration, as after 2 years with it, it feels very natural and comfortable to me.

3) Let your games dictate which accessories you buy. If you have games that call for nunchucks, get nunchucks. I got Rayman Raving Rabbids with my Wii, so I had to get extra nunchucks to get the best play experience out of the game.

4) the Zapper/ Nyko gun are all but useless... to me. I bought the Zapper, but after I spent about a week with Link's Crossbow Training, I haven't gone back to it. I think the way the zapper is configured with the trigger in the front is awkward as hell.. and because it's nothing more than a cheap plastic shell, the game can't tell if you are even using it. So... I guess if you play a lot of shooters, and you think having a gun shaped controller would give you more control or be more comfy... go nuts. I would say pass.

5) Most VC games require either the Classic controller OR the GC controller. (some wiiware titles, and NES games just use the Wiimote). HOWEVER, the control schemes are "optimized" for the classic controller, so if you use the GC controller you may find yourself with some weird as hell button layouts that you can't personalize.

6) I had an older Nyko charging station, and I stopped using it. the battery packs had a rubberized backing, so the controller wouldn't fit in the wiimote cover, and wouldn't fit in my accessories (wii wheel or Zapper). In the end, I just bought some rechargeable AA batteries and a little charger, and that suits me just fine. The controllers do get like 30 hours of gameplay on a charge, which lasts me about a month.
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