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Wii Controller Questions

Alright, these questions should be relatively easy to answer but I can't test them myself because I don't yet have a Wii.

I am planning on buying a Wii soon and I have some questions about what accessories are really necessary.

I'll mention that I already own Gamecube controllers and I know that they will work with the Wii. Is this only true for Gamecube games that you are playing on the Wii, or for new Wii games as well?

I know you can use them for Mario it possible, in multiplayer mode, to have one person using the wheel and one person using a Gamecube controller, or do you have to use the same controller type when you are playing together?

Is it really necessary to buy another nunchuck? Some people have said yes and some have said no. It seems like the nunchuck is mostly used for single-player games, is this the wrong impression?

What are the Zapper or the Nyko gun really needed for?

Can all of the games you get through Virtual Console be played using the Gamecube controller? If so, I am assuming it is not necessary to get the "Wii Classic Controller." If you want to play an SNES game, would using the Gamecube controller be difficult?

How important is it to have a charge station?

And my last question, was that enough questions?
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