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I could tolerate the penis jokes; I could tolerate the racist/gender/age etc stereotypes; but I could NOT tolerate the bad geography. PICK UP A FUCKING ATLAS!

* Egypt is not Jordan (nor is it Saudi Arabia as one map showed) - I'm pretty sure Egypt wouldn't want clearly designated Jordan warplanes flying in its airspace
* You cannot walk from Petra in Jordan to the Pyramids in Geza (well you could, but it would take a while - and you'd need food and water...and several weeks...)
* There is no border between Jordan and Egypt (hence no border crossing) - Israel is in the way
* And didn't the ruins near the pyramids look a lot like the Iraqi town in the first movie (well all arabs are the same...)
yeah, and there's no mountains in frigging Qatar either...and when the USAF flies to Diego Garcia, they fly westward across the Pacific and don't go near Egypt...
I don't know anything about Middle Eastern geography, but if this is all true, then it makes this movie that much more hilarious.
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