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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

lovin it!!!

i watched a couple other interview clips as well, and at one point he is so funny, saying how much he loves leonard nimoy and any time leonard wants to hang with him, he's down. totally.

technically quinto is just outside my age range, but i would make an exception in his case, no question.
he rocks spock. pulls off that whole simmering-beneath-the-surface thing very well. and i know we can count on him to continue performing admirably. the next film got green-lit before this one even came out! not sure how we are supposed to wait for two years, but this helps!

keep the pics coming, ladies! i am not such an internet ghuru that i could post some of my own or know where to find any that ya'll probably haven't already seen. but i will definitely be checking back here.
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