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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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How big is this file sofar?
Just over 98MB

That's massive.
My Enigma Surface Model Design is 7.6 MB. I thought that was large.

The Solid Model of the ship is going slow is at 2 MB an that's only 90% of one Nacelle.

I can only image what this is going to end up as...but this is THE most amazing project I have ever seen and frankly it's inspiring me. IT's making it real.

I have so many equestions CTM. I know your time is partitioned but how did you make these curvatures. CAD is so restrictive. I've only just figured out the Loft Command which stranglely enough makes these cross-sections much easier.

This starts off as simple extruding from deck plans and then jumps to high contoured solids skins...(eventually.
I guess I just need to work through it.
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