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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion


My time has been tight and I can't read through the opinions so sorry if I repeat some other points.

I really loved the first one. I've watched my DVD countless times. I grew up on the stuff and was prepared to be let down when TF1 came out but was pleasantly surprised. With Fallen I finally was let down. I grade it 'average' cause in the grand scope I've seen much worse. Knowing how they made the first one good this one is pale in comparison.

My gripes:
- Where were all my Autobots? Ratchet and Ironhide were barely there. Bumblebee can't talk, come on. It was a good one off thing in the first one but he needs to talk.

- The Autobots I do get are foul mouthed assholes. Mudflap and Skids got the lions share of 'bot time and I felt like it was JarJar times two but with cursing. Hey Michael Bay parents can't take their kids to this, or they wont when word gets out. Pussy, you really had them say that.

- Momma Witwicky. Nice to know her character became NOTHING but comic relief. Way over the top. Waaaay over.

- Wheelie humping Mikela's leg. Really? WTF?

- Devastator - thanks I saw the trailer. For such a BIG aspect of what could've been he not only was underutilzed and shown 98% in the trailer but was beaten rather easily. What a waste.

The good.
- Megatron and Starscream has bickering 'cons was increased and was good.

- Primes forrest battle.

- Mikela + leather

- Liked how the army was used but this time I feel like they were crammed into the movie.

I demand I better TF:3, thats all for now.
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