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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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You know, if you are going to critique the movie, you should at least watch it. I've been paying for movies lately, even though I don't have to (and not illegally either).

Transformers was an overbloated mess. Instead of getting some real characterization for the characters they had in the first movie, they decided to throw more in there. Does anyone know which Decepticons were in this movie? There was like 15 and only three really talked.

Also, Megan Fox sucks. Sorry. But if that's going to be half of the movie, seriously, get a stronger actress.

It was a bad movie over all.
Megan Fox definitely isn't the strongest actress ever, but I think the bigger problem is they tried to turn her into a soft lovey dovey type, and that's clearly NOT who she is. You could tell she was cringing inside at some of that corny dialogue she had to say. lol
Watching her run in that shirt helped distract from the constant explosions at least.

EDIT: Looking through the thread I see Jack Bauer agrees with me.
Megan Fox did help to distract me from the bad geography in those final scenes...
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