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Re: Most Important Horror Films of the Past Decade?

Who is the monster? The ones who look like monsters or the ones who act like it? It's one of my favorite horror motifs. It's the story of the outsider. People are afraid of or shun what is different.
Yeah, I think this was the point of "The Elephant Man" too. Thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely check them out. I had been planning to watch "Freaks" anyway and am anxious to see a movie that really showcases Vincent Price.

I've seen him be entertaining on the old Batman TV show, but want to see him with a really juicy role in a horror movie. I saw him in the 50s version of "The Fly" and while I enjoyed the movie, I didn't think it gave him much to do. He was pretty much playing it straight there, in a role that didn't require him to be very expressive or show off his oddly unique charisma.
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