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Yeah. It proves you can fool anyone at least once.

Yeah, because if people like a film you dont enjoy, and pay their money repeatedly to watch it, the only reason is that they were fooled or they dont have as refined taste as you do.
No, it means they got the audience member to pay at least once, regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) of the movie. ET 2 could be a pile of steaming crap, but would do phenomenal business its first weekend, too.

You assume, from your line, that the auidence went to see it as they were "fooled". You dont take into the account the possibility that people were completely aware of what type of movie it would be like, based off the first one, how Michael Bay normally directs a film, and advertisement for this film, and they went to see it anyway as they were looking forward to it.

The post I quoted of you also involved you and another poster both lamenting the fact that the movie had made such a large amount of money and how that was "sad".

Like the movie or dont, I personally dont care as it doesnt affect my enjoyment of the movie either way. However, what does annoy me on discussions like this, is when people put forward the impression that the only way people could possibly like movies like this is, if they were fooled into paying their money, or that their taste is somehow inferior to the people criticising the movie.
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