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Re: Borg vs kenetic weapons

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^^^Saying the Borg could adapt to anything is a bit of a stretch.

In boarding party actions, since the Borg have a tendency to allow people to transport onto their ships, an antimatter bomb detonated inside a cube should have a wonderful effect.
Star Trek transporters have the wonderful tendency to be easily jammed or disrupted. If civilizations barely more advanced than 21st century Earth can manage it, it'd be a no-sweat for the Borg.
Yes they do, but the Borg seem to allow folks to come aboard with alarming frequency.

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What Starfleet is lacking is a crowd of cute, fuzzy Ewoks, using sticks and rope and homemade gliding machines as the ultimate weapon against the Borg.
Starfleet ground and boarding party combat doesn't seem to be much more effective really.
How does the transportation work? Perhaps the same system which filters out know biological hazards prevents the beaming of antimatter or any other WMD without automatic systems activating. Bording parties are let aboard because frankly their assimilation is inevitable as resistance is futile.
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