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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

HELL YES to Spock & Uhura!

I was pretty unspoiled for STXI so Spock/Uhura was a total surprise and I thought it fit perfectly. I loved Uhura following Spock into the turbolift. It works for me big time. Maybe not yet lovers but already aware of a committment to each other.

I think Uhura following Spock into the turbolift only works in the context of a previously acknowledged relationship. And I do believe that relationship already existed. She comforted him but that's not the kicker for me. That was Spock responding by (A) putting his head on her shoulder, and then (B) kissing her.

I've got the shipper gene and I never saw S/C. Chapel's hopeless longing after Spock just annoyed me.

And NO TRIANGLES in the next movie thankyouverymuch. Just the thought makes my teeth hurt.
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