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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Except that what you got wasn't the models, but the pictures with the lowest resolution. Which just happens to be mostly the models.
Whatever, dude. Don't tell me how I knew one from another. I explained to you what tipped me off. You're ignoring my response in order to not come off as a doof. You're failing.

In case you hadn't noticed, but the nacelle is in focus, it's however blurred by motion blur.
It doesn't look like motion blur. It looks like a full on Gaussian blur. If you have to tell me its a motion blur then its not very good.

[/QUOTE]what I said was, that the the Galaxy Class looks like a physical real object, a model - more a genuine ship - and it does.[/QUOTE]

It doesn't, for the reasons that I already addressed about the actual model in the previous post..

The model is as flat as you can get. The shadows and light are completely contrary to light sources, making it look completely out of place, as well as having no depth.
That's your opinion, and you are entitled to it. But saying the opposite of what I said is not really making a point. It's just being a contrarian.

done right, the CGI folks will also let the lens do the work. It's just that they're lens will be a virtual one, not a physical one in a camera.
Doesn't explain why all you're CG shots completely lack any depth of field.
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