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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

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Added: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A+!!!

Working up the nerve to check out Pathology. It's gonna stink, isn't it. Sigh, another rental wasted.
No! It's decent. It has a bunch of hot guys for you to look at. (I think).
Uh...Pathology did, indeed, stink. But it's my own damn fault, it scored 1 3/4ths stars out of five on Netflix so I can't say I wasn't warned.

Milo is cute, but dayaaaam. He really cannot act worth a damn, can he? He was even worse in this movie than on Heroes. He is so completely untalented that it cuts his hotness rating in half. Okay, a third. But still.

I noticed no other hot guys in the movie (which I watched about a third of the way thru till I got fedup and started fast-forwarding to the end.) The main bad guy (Michael Weston) was too much of a scruffy little toad to be remotely hot, but he did a credible job with his role and maybe would be worth watching in other character roles.

There's a germ of a decent idea in Pathology, but the writers didn't bother to actually give Milo a reason to go from "nice guy who saves babies for UNICEF" to "psycho freak." Well besides a completely token attempt at blackmail but that wouldn't have held up for five seconds anyway if Milo had decided to go to the cops like any halfway intelligent or sane person would have. They should have established that the character was a sicko from the start. Maybe he saw things in Africa that made him lose his faith in humanity. Maybe his UNICEF stint was just a way of masking his evil side. But it 1) needed to be in the script and 2) needed a different actor.

Basically you need a Michael C. Hall to pull off a role like that, but you're never going to get a decent actor with a stinker script so this movie never had a hope.

Also, the notion of med students murdering people just to play a guessing game about the cause of death is, uh, boring.

On to other business: I just saw Slumdog Millionaire. Dev Patel is very likable but wow, what an overrated movie. Fun to watch but not Oscar caliber at all. Just a dopey feel-good wish-fulfillment fantasy. The Oscar should have gone to Frost/Nixon or Milk.
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