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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Before we proceed I have a very important announcement to make. If you're not already sitting then now would be a good time to do so.

When I started this thread I honestly thought I was doing so in order to reacquaint myself with Voyager because I feared I might have been unfairly judging it based on watching the show as a teenager. While many of my fears of what I perceived to be wrong with the show were played out, I was willing to admit two things; the show has slightly better continuity than I remembered (although I still have serious issues with it) and the show is more of an ensemble show than I remembered it. At least it is so far, I still have two and a bit seasons to go.

However, I have been deceiving all of you, and I have even been deceiving myself. You see, I had no intention of being fair to Voyager as a show, this whole thread has been based around my need to bash Voyager, because I am a horrible villainous person with no soul. All those episodes I said I enjoyed? Lies, all lies. And the worst part is that I bought into my own deception, my villainy was so vile that I couldn't even admit it to myself because I didn't want to know what a horrible, horrible person I really am.

But all that came to an end this afternoon thanks to the truth being exposed to be by the brilliant musings of Anwar. His argument cut to the core of my being without even knowing me or reading much of this thread. Who can argue against such insightful comments as "once a hater always a hater" or the pinnacle of human debate which is "yes, actually, yes"? I tried to argue against it, but my rebuttals could never match such well thought out arguments.

So I am sorry to everybody who read this thread thinking that I was trying to be fair to the show, I can only ask for your forgiveness on this deception.

And if you believed anything I wrote above you're a fucking loon.

Demon Spawn (**)

Come on, that's a way better title than Course: Oblivion.

I somehow missed Demon when it first aired so when I saw this episode for the first time I thought it was quite good, but having seem Demon twice since then this episode just doesn't make sense. Where did the biomemetic Voyager come from? According to the timeline established in this episode they had under 13 days to build Voyager (and replicate Shmully somehow) and leave the demon planet, forgetting who they really are in the process. They also adapted to breath oxygen even though it was poisonous to them last time.

I like the idea of this episode, I like quirky episodes like this where everything is seen from a different angle than how we usually see things. But I think that the fatal mistake this episode makes is that events happening on this duplicate Voyager are more interesting than the normally static nature of the real Voyager. Tom and B'Elanna get married, a new baby is born, they devise a new method of propulsion, people actually die... The ending is a reset button of sorts and next week we'll go back to a Voyager where there is 9 main characters who will fail to grow as they did on the duplicate ship. We'll have to wait another year and a half before we see the real Tom and B'Elanna get married, and even then we wont actually see it.

Does anybody else find it ironic that duplicate Harry appears to be the last main character to die on the duplicate ship. Things really are different there.
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