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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

Heh. If it was a war, it's obvious which side is winning. I am pleasantly surprised by the results of this poll, after all the whining and fuming over Spock/Uhura storyline that I've seen on IMDB and all sorts of other places, with some people crying "OMG what about Chapel?!", others mad over Spock having a love interest at all and being "too emotional", and others shouting that Uhura should not be involved with anyone, especially not Spock, because it apparently "reduces" her, or hurts her dignity (? ). Not to mention those who just throw in slurs and offensive comments about Uhura that I won't bother to repeat. I guess, similar as with people who hate the movie, one can get the wrong impression that there are more people with negative opinions than there really are.

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See, I am also a long-time fan, but I had and have no patience with all that y-e-a-r-r-r-r-r-r-ning Chapel did. It's just so weak and poor-little-woman-ish. I know that's partly because it was filmed in the 1960s, and that was typical of the time, but now? No. Or at least it shouldn't be. Yes, I know that even now in the 21st century, people still yearn after those they want but cannot have, and people presumably will in the 23rd century, too. But when it's a woman yearning after The Unapproachable Male, it's almost always dull and hackneyed. At least IMO.
QFT. But I have to say I generally dislike endless storylines about unrequited love, whatever the genders involved.

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Nimoy is fantastic!
And here's more from Nimoy:
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