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Re: Thoughts on the Romulan Empire

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Just what I was thinking, when I was reading through the Trek Chronology and I saw the stuff about the Hurq it made me think that maybe the Klingons were like B5's Narns, who got their tech from what the Centauri left behind. It would explain why the tech progression took so long, they didn't really understand a lot of it and it took that much time to fully make it their own. Plus an Empire built mainly on war would really mess up the economy and affect technological progress.
The 21st century novels have pretty much confirmed this. I like the comparison to the Narns.
To me the Narn Regime seems to resemble the Cardassian Union in some respects as both are aggressive, resource poor empires with a history of deceit and arrogant aggression towards their neighbors.
Of course after the fall of Narn they became a mix of Klingons and Bajorians and redeemed their warlike past (much like Damar and his revoultionaries did for the CU)
Hmm, yes, can't believe I overlooked that. Of course, now I have visions of Damar becoming someone like G'Kar, if only he had survived...
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