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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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this is my interpretation of Doctor Ree and Inyx from the Destiny trilogy
Ree isn't built like that. A lot of people seem to default to the assumption that he's an upright biped, but he's actually built like a raptor dinosaur, with a horizontal, cantilevered body and tail. Basically like this but with more of a Komodo-dragon snout and more dexterous hands (and probably without the big claws on the feet).
yeah I guess it's a result our human anthropomorphic bias

I'd be interested to hear David Mack's judgement on how close my Caeliar came to his vision.
I wish I could show you all my Pahkwa-thanh and Caeliar. I amuse myself by drawing every Star Trek race, but I have no idea how to post them.
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