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Re: manned Mission to Mars discussion

Is Hypersleep/stasis/ hibernation technology from

Alien (1979) for a long flight a real possibility in the next 25 years?

In the Star Trek Universe, people are occasionally put into "stasis", but it appears to be a biological suspended animation
Used in the episode Space Seed on the S.S. Botany Bay.
the ship is a sleeper ship, designed for long periods of interplanetary travel.
Frank Herbert uses the more creative and descriptive term 'null-entropy bins' in his Dune universe. They seem to be used exclusively for long-term storage and preservation of non-living goods

"2010: The Year We Make Contact" (1984) [called cryosleep] shows it.

Supernova (2000/I), Event Horizon (1997), and Aliens (1986) films and the Half-Life videogame all use it.

Event Horizon mentions it is also for protecting the body from major G-forces and I believe they call it a "grav-couch" or maybe that was Supernova.

While they wake up as if from regular sleep in Aliens it looks unrealistic.
2010 and Event Horizon really show a realistic-looking awakening effects on the human body from the stasis. A nice touch.

As far as work going on now about it I bring up these two articles:
Hibernation Method Tested for Space Travel
April 4,2008

Hibernation and Space Travel: Science Fiction or Science Reality?

Do we really need 8 months of food/water/waste water management/oxygen? Could these stasis chambers have enough shielding for radiation too? Computer-controlled to open during wakeup procedure?
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