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Re: TNG vs DS9 - The Showdown!

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This is your problem, you judge a book by its cover rather than the actual contents. If you actually bothered to read the second paragraph of the freakin' thread:

But it has been a long time since I've seen Voyager, in fact it has been over a decade since I saw most of the episodes and when I saw them I would have been in my teens. I realise that my criticisms of Voyager may be unfairly filtered through the eyes of an adolescent, so I have decided to go back and watch Voyager through from beginning to end.
All that means is that since you realized you "may have been unfair" you're just going to go through the series and point out how much you hated it all over again. I've been putting up with this for 14 years and nothing has changed from any of the haters. I've been reading the same book for all that time so I know very well the contents.

As for my ratings of each episode, most of them have been fair and so far Voyager has only a very slightly below average score: 4.914/10. If I just wanted to insult Voyager then it's score would be in the 2-3 region but that's not what I'm trying to do.

I can't stop you from judging me without knowing anything about me, but I will ask you to stop because it's not fair on me and it doesn't show you in a positive light.
You think I care what VOY haters think of me? They hold anyone who likes VOY and ENT (and TNG too) in utter contempt anyways.

All DS9 haters are paedophiles and the reason why they don't like the show is because Ben Sisko didn't molest Jake at any point during seven seasons.

I can also make up shit that has no grounding in reality, but I generally don't because I don't need to lie to back up my biased opinion.
I'm not making up anything, go around and ask and you'll see that VOY haters will agree that "The series should have been exactly like Equinox", in other words there should've been no likable characters, they should have been doing totally unethical and morally reprehensible stuff 100% of the time (not even having them slowly abandont heir ideals, because Trek ideals are so worthless they don't even deserve to be slowly discarded, just discarded on the spot) and at the end of the series they should have gotten away with everything and not suffer any bad consequences for their actions because it's good to be immoral manipulative barbarians.

Why don't you read the thread to find out? I just posted a review of The Disease and gave it a fairer review than most I've seen for that episode so I honestly don't think I'm biased against the show. And as I've said, most of the people posting in the thread are not Voyager haters but are fans themselves. You don't agree with my opinion of an episode? There will be five more posted after mine that you might agree with.
I was reading the tail end of the thread and stopped when I saw how some folks were getting into a tizzy over something as dumb as "Janeway is supposed to twitch he commbadge when she thinks of something devious but it's never happened before!". Haters are still haters.

GalaxyX wanted to see Garak beaten to the ground, if I'm not mistaken Sisko does exactly that.
No, he just slugs him twice.
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