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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

We switched things up this week with another guest-star image. This time it is Jason LeBlanc who plays captain Aaron Glenn on the episode of Power Source. Jason is from Dallas, Texas and has a very distinctive voice. You may have heard him if you local to Dallas, or if you are ever on hold with companies like Comcast or Time Warner.

Also available this week, we have opened a shop to allow fans to purchase shirts featuring the NEO f/x logo. We will be doing the same for the Animated Episodes, but include more items including the official movie poster. More on that later...if you are interested in helping NEO f/x with their efforts, make your way to

Finally, some additional good news...we have completed the edit for Act 3 of Power Source and will be vetting it to our internal folks this week. It is by no means done...there are still animations that we need, but the time consuming part of setting up the edit is completed, and once sound and music are done, we will be very close to releasing it.

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