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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Still to this day Patrick Stewart's chilling performance as Locutus is the standard to which all Borg performances should be measured. He managed to convey menace without being overt about it yet was also very much an emotionless automaton. He masterfully walked that very fine line.
Absolutely, he was the perfect individual within the collective and he acted more as the mouthpiece for the whole rather than the leader of the group. That was the queens biggest flaw, she acted more like she was controlling the collective rather than serving as a conduit for them.

Plus, Locutus had a frickin' laser beam attached to his head!

The Disease (**)

KIM: All Starfleet personnel must obtain authorisation from their C.O. as well as clearance from their medical officer before initiating an intimate relationship with an alien species.
Say wha?! That must be a fun conversation with your boss. "Captain, I have met a hot alien chick in a bar and I wish to bone her, can I get your permission in writing please?"

This episode wasn't that bad considering its reputation, I particularly liked the moment where Kim stands up to Janeway on the bridge and then they argue it out in her ready room. The idea of a generation ship that wants to separate into different factions is also interesting even though it's not properly explored here.

Problems? There's too many for me to remember them all but the biggest problem is how cringeworthy certain pieces of dialogue can get, which is fine in the scenes where it is supposed to be cringe-worthy but there's other times where it is just annoying. I'm thinking of Janeway's discussion with the alien captain at the beginning in particular. I also didn't like how the episode went with the suspense angle again when Voyager couldn't escape the exploding ship. That should have played as a hauntingly beautiful moment rather than yet another "We're all gonna die!!!" scene.

Yes, I gave it the same score as Drone. Suck it.
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