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Re: Majority of tie-in literature bad?

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To be honest, I was expecting more destruction in the Destiny trilogy than what we got.
Here is at least one person who seems to confirm what I suspected about the new novels. Anyone else have any counter point?
I apologise if I am misunderstanding your points, but I'm confused. You suspected there to be more destruction than Sxottlan is suggesting we got?
I should probably clarify that or at least have rephrased.

There is plenty of destruction, but I found myself oddly indifferent to much of it. I mean, Coridan? The galaxy's perpetual red shirt planet? Regulus? Besides a lot of references to things that come from there, do we really have reason to care? Deneva? I had to go to Memory Alpha to find out that it was from a TOS episode that I hadn't seen in 15 years.

Naturally, a place like Deneva can have a completely different place in someone else's heart, but even the brief attacks on Vulcan, Tellar and Andor seemed kind of tokenish. About the most upset I got was wondering the potential damage to Vulcan's Forge. Otherwise, I shrug, thinking everything will be rebuilt in short order.

I could be a victim of my own preconceived notions on this one. I thought I had read a spoiler ahead of time that said a whole pre-existing race would be wiped out. Turned out to not be the case. Would have been interesting to have destroyed one of the supporting species entirely, like the Deltans or the Tellarites. Perhaps more existing regular characters should have been killed? Was that ever discussed?

The story possibilities surrounding the forthcoming destruction of Romulus I think I find more intriguing.
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