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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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'Better' because they are more painterly, or better because they look less like a physical object?
Mainly because of the reason I stated before: They retain the grace and lines of the 6ft model yet have the detail of the 4ft model. The superior resolution over the existing footage is a given. Add to that a greater range of shots and motion and you have a superior product for the remastering.

Isn't the grace (such as it is, or isn't) of the big -D due mainly to the fact that it doesn't have the bulbously obvious detail of the 4fter?

And I'm REALLY not getting the resolution issue, since you haven't got a medium that comes remotely close to 35mm resolution for this cg work you speak of.

The point IS in CGI you don't NEED the exaggerated detail that loses the lines from the larger model...they look seemlessly integrated.

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