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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

indranee, I like the Romulan commander okay, but I've only seen clips from that episode. Since I haven't watched the whole episode yet, I felt it would be premature for me to comment on her. She seems more interesting from what I saw! I'll have to get back to you on it, though.

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It's really not surprising that Star Trek gave rise to so much slash - the relationships between main male characters were the only enduring relationships, and they were also far more interesting than most of the romances on the show, since female characters were so lame for the most part.
I hadn't considered the prominence of slash in the Trek fandom in those terms before, but I think you're absolutely right. There's little romantic tension when fans are aware of the inevitable reset button that will come at the end of an episode with a female-of-the-week, whereas we get to watch the boys develop relationships over multiple seasons. Like you, I enjoyed TSOP and All Our Yesterdays too, but I enjoyed them for the novelty of watching Spock behave uncharacteristically; the girls are rather innocuous. To be fair, though, I guess Leila was also under the influence of the spores. Do you think when she is free of them, she also manages to escape the fuzzy lens through which she is often filmed?

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With Chapel, they could have her as a recurring character because it was written more like unrequited love, and she was written as character who would always carry a torch for Spock instead of either moving on or trying to do something about it (she didn't even use the chance when she did get it, in "Amok Time"), which allowed them to have that ongoing storyline without it ever being resolved one way or the other.
When I saw that scene in Amok Time, I scratched my head. Christine, did you not understand his innuendo, dear? Well, let us never say she isn't a woman of integrity, at least! Unwilling to take advantage of the commander's delicate situation, apparently...

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Out of Spock's love interests, Droxine was the worst IMO and I was totally unconvinced by that episode, especially since Spock was in complete control of his emotions at the time. But if he hadn't been, she wasn't someone I could see him interested in, she was just a pampered little princess and didn't seem incredibly smart, special, and (IMO) not even that attractive as she was supposed to be.
I watched that episode after you mentioned it in another thread, and I was also surprised, to say the least. I really couldn't see how she would merit special attention from Spock. If Kirk was drawn to her, I wouldn't think twice about it. She was a cute girl, makeup and being far too thin aside. But she did seem to be a naive, sheltered princess, and I don't see Spock finding himself enthralled with such a person. His talk to her about pon farr blew me away. I thought it was supposed to be a very private subject that Vulcans hesitate to discuss even among themselves. It seems inappropriate to discuss with an evidently impressionable young girl, at any rate, and I think it's out of character for Spock to be so bold in that regard.

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Zarabeth was OK (she wasn't all that innocent really, she was lying to Spock to keep him with her, understandably) but it seemed like the main reason Spock liked her (besides the very fact that she was just there while he had no control over strong emotions) was because she was so lonely, something he could relate to. The two of them finding each other like that was a moving story, but I can't help thinking that in some other circumstances, they might not have been interested in other at all.
I guess you're right. Her little cavewoman outfit wasn't all that innocent either (though I can't deny that she rocked it!). To be shallow, I thought she was the loveliest of all Spock's ladies, and I did feel the most sorry for her. What a horrible situation! At least he could relate to her loneliness, as you pointed out. I'm not sure about what he could connect with the other girls.

I'll watch the episode with the Romulan commander soon.

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