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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

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Are you kidding? After the movie "Obsessed," we really don't need another movie with a triangle like that. And let's fact it, we all know that no matter what happens in the movie, it will turn into a female race war among the fans. Look no further than the IMDB forum for the movie.

I fail to understand why we're even addressing this. If Abrams put Spock with Chapel, we wouldn't even entertain the possibility of Spock choosing Uhura. There would be no polls, no controversial threads, and no questions asked.

I can't believe that so many people like Star Trek, but can't handle Uhura being the romantic lead. Things like this really tick me off!
Because of all the people who have been whining, I mean complaining, "OMG why Uhura? Where is Chapel? Bring back Chapel! She's the one who was in love with Spock" (as if two women can't be attracted to the same man ) eversince the movie first came out. Then there are also those who are complaining because they're just appalled by the idea of Spock not being emotionless and asexual. I wanted to know what the actual stats were, and I have to say I am surprised by the results.

Personally, I'd have been very disappointed if they hadn't finally done something with S/U after all those years... Although TBH the movie has surpassed my hopes.

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Tribbles wrote: View Post
I dislike almost all of the episodic women he was with, mostly because he was out of character for some reason when interested in them (spores, regression due to going back in time, etc). I understand the necessity of some kind of catalyst to temporarily modify his behavior, and it's fun to watch, but it does little for long-term interest. Also, they seemed rather bland as characters (I'm thinking specifically of Droxine, Zarabeth, and Leila). All blonde and soft-focused and smiling like lovesick puppies. I don't mind sweet, innocent characters, but come on, girls. You have to work harder than that if you want to keep a Vulcan after he's come down from outside influence.
Yup, so true!

FYI, Spock gets much higher quality nookie in the books.

I always thought S/U would've been a great development in TOS, but Paramount was much too timid for that - heck, they had a hemorhage over the K/U kiss. That, BTW, was originally to be a S/U smooch.
Rackon, yes, they weren't brave enough for that. I can't helo thinking that Spock and Uhura had a couple of blatantly flirtatious scenes in the first few episodes, but then they barely had meaningfull dialogue together in the rest of the show, with just little hints of attraction... Maybe someone in the network didn't like what they saw. Is it a coincidence that the only one of the male character in the Enterprise crew who was openly shown to be attracted to Uhura was Sulu? Not one of the white guys.

Tribbles, you hit the nail on the head... Most female characters in TOS were not written as particularly interesting or strong, with some exceptions. That's exactly why I always liked Spock/Uhura, I saw a spark there that I didn't see with Chapel, or most of the other females he was paired up with.

And while I loved episodes like "This Side of Paradise" and "All Our Yesterdays", the disposable love interest mechanism was always rather lame. You always knew that Kirk, Spock and McCoy had to remain single, so whatever happened, the woman had to disappear by the end of the episode and never come back, never to be mentioned again. So, for instance, whenever Kirk would actually fall in love, the love interest had to die, or turn out to be a serial killer or something like that. With Spock, the outside influence plots allowed them to show Spock's emotional side, but it was also the way for the writers wanted to have their cake and eat it. We could see Spock fall in love and be passionate and romantic, many fans, particularly females ones, would love it and cry their eyes out, but at the end they could just hit the reset button and Spock would be back to his usual self. It's really not surprising that Star Trek gave rise to so much slash - the relationships between main male characters were the only enduring relationships, and they were also far more interesting than most of the romances on the show, since female characters were so lame for the most part.

With Chapel, they could have her as a recurring character because it was written more like unrequited love, and she was written as character who would always carry a torch for Spock instead of either moving on or trying to do something about it (she didn't even use the chance when she did get it, in "Amok Time"), which allowed them to have that ongoing storyline without it ever being resolved one way or the other.

Out of Spock's love interests, Droxine was the worst IMO and I was totally unconvinced by that episode, especially since Spock was in complete control of his emotions at the time. But if he hadn't been, she wasn't someone I could see him interested in, she was just a pampered little princess and didn't seem incredibly smart, special, and (IMO) not even that attractive as she was supposed to be.

Zarabeth was OK (she wasn't all that innocent really, she was lying to Spock to keep him with her, understandably) but it seemed like the main reason Spock liked her (besides the very fact that she was just there while he had no control over strong emotions) was because she was so lonely, something he could relate to. The two of them finding each other like that was a moving story, but I can't help thinking that in some other circumstances, they might not have been interested in each other at all. (I've already mentioned why Spock fell in love with her, and on her part, well, Spock and McCoy were the only people she had seen for years,or was likely to see till the end of her life). Leila was just as you described her, all sweet and tender and smiling in a lovesick way. TSPO is one of my favourite TOS episodes, but Leila wasn't interesting by herself at all, though the story about her and Spock was. I thought that he had had some feelings for her before, but he was probably not even fully aware of it, and the spores allowed him toshow it and made him realize what he felt. But, it seemed like they could never really have a relationship in regular circumstances when Spock was anything like himself. She probably wanted him always to be the way he was when he was happy spore-infected Spock. Unlike Amanda or Perrin, who could have a relationship with Sarek, a Vulcan who doesn't show his feelings the way humans are used to, and understand what was behind that facade and that he really did love them, Leila might have needed to a lot more, a more open display of affection, which Spock normally wasn't able to give. In any case, these episodes were moving, but I never got the impression that Spock fell in love with them because any of those women were all that special or that it was a case of "true love", it seemed like all those strong suppressed emotions in Spock had to come out once he lost emotional control, and those women were there, they loved him and had enough attractive qualities to become the object of those emotions.

The Romulan Commander was the most interesting one, although I didn't find the romantic plot 100% convincing. I do think he liked her, though - he did say he "hoped" that they had "shared something".
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