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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

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I dislike almost all of the episodic women he was with, mostly because he was out of character for some reason when interested in them (spores, regression due to going back in time, etc). I understand the necessity of some kind of catalyst to temporarily modify his behavior, and it's fun to watch, but it does little for long-term interest. Also, they seemed rather bland as characters (I'm thinking specifically of Droxine, Zarabeth, and Leila). All blonde and soft-focused and smiling like lovesick puppies. I don't mind sweet, innocent characters, but come on, girls. You have to work harder than that if you want to keep a Vulcan after he's come down from outside influence.
you didn't like the Romulan Commander?
Ah, you're right there. But that was a ruse.

Personally, I always thought Spock dug her.
I believe he did. and I also believe it was mutual. hence, the scene in the elevator at the end

(one of my favorite Trek novels over the years has been Sonni Cooper's Black Fire)
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