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Re: Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

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I voted for S/C but I also like S/U within the context that they came together after months of keeping their relationship platonic, with the events of the movie finally bringing them together. It was a shocker for me, when I saw the movie, but when I saw clips for the basis, from TOS, then I was cool with it.

I would like to see S/C or perhaps a love triangle with S/C and S/U in the next movie, but then, that'd probably make for a Sci-Fi RomCom which will make all the boys groan, so I'll just have to settle for undercurrents of romance tossed in as an afterthought.

I thought I read in an interview with Abrams that S and U's relationship wasn't romantic until that scene on the ship in the elevator thingy(whatever it's called). He was emotionally vulnerable from seeing his planet destroyed and his mother killed so he was more willing to except...comfort from Uhura. It may just be the fangirl in me, but I'm hoping they continue this relationship in the upcoming films. I think it could be interesting to see what effect it would have on the character of Spock, and I'm not exactly sure, but from what I've seen of TOS they never really had any ongoing relationships did they? I agree though, I prefer the S/U thing in the context that their relationship was platonic until the events of the movie changed it to a romantic one.

I have seen TOS so I'm aware of where the arguments come from that Spock shouldn't be in a relationship. However, given that its an alternate timeline and therefore anything is up for grabs, he could explore his human side more than in TOS. Plus, given that Vulcan is destroyed and his mother is dead, that may give him more of an interest in honoring his human half. IMO... I love Nimoy Spock in TOS but I would rather see them take Spock in a different direction in these movies. As long as they keep his character mostly intact.
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