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Shipper war: Spock/Uhura or Spock/Chapel?

Eversince ST09 came out and word hit the Internet about Spock/Uhura romance (even before everyone actually saw it), there's a been a lot of debates and shipper/antishipper wars, with attitudes that can be roughly summed up this way:

- One group consists of antishippers who hate the idea of Spock having a love interest at all (especially one that does not belong to the 'disposable guest star love interest' category').

- Another group consists of Spock/Chapel shippers who are dissatisifed with the storyline because they would prefer Chapel to have been Spock's love interest in the movie;

- Finally, Spock/Uhura shippers: consists of people who love Spock/Uhura in the movie and don't care about the storyline of Chapel's unrequited love for Spock, don't see the relevance, or think that Spock/Uhura is a better pairing. A subgroup consists of people who already shipped Spock/Uhura in TOS, prefered it to Spock/Chapel paiting and felt disappointed thatit wasn't developed more, and who feel about the new movie as a long-awaited victory

These are pretty much the attitudes I've seen on various forums, please add if I've missed any.

So, let's see the demographics on this forum...
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