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Re: Angel: Cordelia's Tramp Stamp

You can have the weapons cabinet (as cool as the broadsword and wrist stakes are). I'll take Angel complete with the pesky curse, all that guilt, social ineptitude, cheapness, etc... He's a history nerd's dream.

But I'll settle for the Hyperion! ...Okay. Angel's first apartment in Sunnydale. Or Angel's Batcave. Though the last two are rubble.

Though we're still trying to figure out where the bathroom and shower is in Angel's apartment near the Bronze. LOL. The only corner you can't see is in the kitchen. The other option is that it's down the hall. We know how much Angel loves his hot, steamy showers. Well, I guess he could have sneaked into Sunnydale High. He did lurk.

Speaking of tattoos... Apparently there's a scene or so where they forgot to put the huge gryphon (fake) on DB's back and you could see his back through a torn shirt. I'm not sure of the specific shots, though. Also, I definitely recall seeing a few reflections (Spike in the Summers' house in a mirror and Angel's reflection in the puddle in the iconic billowy coat in the alley shot from City Of...). But yep, Cordy and the disappearing and reappearing tribal sun tattoo.

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