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Re: Fallout 3 dlc Point Lookout available on XBL

Treasure:Get! so I was playing through the last part of broken steel AGAIN (have had torestart FO3 about 6 times) and I found some neat, easy to overlook stuff
#1 there is a holo-tape from a woman in the station to the A.F.B. listen to it and go to the Maison Boreguard in georgetown, a raider named Lag-Bolt will spawn there, He is Lug-Nuts brother he has unique combat armor and shades, and you get a key off him, on the pool table by where he spawns is his briefcase, inside is another set of Naughty Nitewear

#2 on the A.F.B. after you leave the control tower head behind it and go west, there is a building in the corner go behind it and look around near the barrels, there is a hidden crate with about 400 flamer fuel in it

#3 keep going south past the enclave crawler and you will come across a marked building, its a treasure house, 6 missles, 3 mini-nukes, a special flamer, and a ton of ammo

#4 when inside the crawler go into the area with the deathclaws, keep to the bottom floor and be thurough, there should be a guy called the armory master, kill him to get a unique gatling laser and headpiece, disable the field behind him to get into the armory, inside a locked box (hard) is an Alien Blaster! there are 3 average locked ammo cases beneath it with alien ammo
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