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Re: Most Important Horror Films of the Past Decade?

I think horror is in a pretty sad state at the moment. Those torture porn movies don't impress me at all, but I appreciated the first two Scream movies for half being decent standard horror movies and half taking the genre in a new direction with their self-aware, post-modern quality.

Of these new directors called "The Splat Pack" and considered the possible future of horror who are supposedly keeping the genre alive and well (James Wan, Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, Neil Marshall, etc.), only Marshall and Zombie have really impressed me so far with "The Descent" and "The Devil's Rejects", which both seemed to draw inspiration from classics of the past while bringing something new to the table.

I think the key to a good horror movie is interesting characters, not just innovative gore and sadism, which is why I prefer their movies over the currently more popular stuff. I'm not sure about Zombie, sounds like he's kind of ruining his career with his Halloween rebootquels.
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