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Re: Thoughts on the Romulan Empire

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I think their democracy is oligarchic and dominated by issues of wealth or family influence, but it's real.
That would be a natural extension of a society that was founded by a relatively small number of colonists, who all would have been "founding families." I can see how the main line of each family would hold onto their original positions of power but as the society grew, the secondary lines would not have as much power. Yet, they're all "family" so nobody is totally left out.
That makes lots of sense. Thank you for building on and improving my argument!

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Also, Romulus is a lush and fertile world. Maybe when resources are plentiful, Vulcanoid violence and passion instincts become less pronounced than they are when in the desert habitat of Vulcan.
Since Vulcanoids evolved in the desert, maybe that's the ideal climate for them, and Romulans had to "settle" for a planet that is too cold and rainy to really ever be comfortable to them. Romulus just looks nice to us humans.
Good point, but competition for resources is always an issue for a species, and Romulus has far more water and arable land, so the instinct for competition and violence might be reduced.

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Actually, they adopted Surak's teachings prior to interacting with other races. Their motivation was preventing their warfare from destroying Vulcan.
Oh yeah, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. But it just so happens that it made them more successful in interstellar relations.
Yes, but perhaps it made them less successful at interactions with passionate races. The Andorians and Arkonians come to mind as races the Vulcans failed to cultivate good relations with at first, possibly as the Vulcans were prejudiced against violent emotion.
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