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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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How big is this file sofar?
Just over 98MB
Dude, ya need to invest a few $$$ in a new powerhouse machine and new software.

98MB is TINY. That's like a single texture in "modern" terms.

Seriously, though... I'm impressed by what you've done so far, but can't help but think what you could do with better tools.
Unfortunately, I have to cover $$$$$ in unplanned medical bills this summer, so there's not even $$ around to go towards $$$ for a new system and software. I'm basically wiped out of all disposable $ for the next six months or so. When those are covered, I can see about making the $$$$ repairs to my car (Fortunately I don't have to drive it to get to/from work); then, and only then can I actually spend the $$$ on a new system (I have been doing the planning for a while). This is why I'm doing CAD modeling, instead of building real models.

98MB is substantial for a program designed to run on 4MB ram. For the time being, I can only dream of new systems and software. You design/build with the systems you have, not the systems you wish you had.
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