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Re: Starship Enterprise "Broken Bow" (Alternate version)

Hernandez doesn't reallly like anyone, certainly not on the Enterprise! Although less vocal than some in her service she is somewhat contemptuous of the UESPA, and has little time for them.

Civilians, she is convinced, have no place on a starship in the first place. She's willing to make a small allowance for Locke as he's a good doctor, but that's it. It didn't really come across in the last entry, but Hernandez is beginning to warm to Locke.

She did quite like Mayweather, during their time on the Sun Tzu. But his attitude recently has been off-putting, to say the least!

Oh, another thought about casting. Whilst he doesn't fit my initial idea for the character, whilst writing the last bit I kept thinking of Dean Stockwell as Doctor Locke.
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