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Re: Isabel Lucas: Genre babe of the week #27 (June 2009)

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Thumbs sideways. I've only seen her in Transformers and I've no idea what she's like so meh (*), really. Pretty, though.
Oh come on, do you really 'know' any of the candidates? Seriously?
You can gain a bit of insight on individuals when you see them doing interviews or if you've read/seen news items on them.
Maybe a bit. But I can't imagine you could get significant insight into these people, especially considering that they are putting out a public image. I mean, he voted sideways, not because he saw her being a bitchy idiot, but because he hasn't seen anything at all. It boggles my mind.

Hrm, also, is it just the angles involved in the photos, or does she have a bit of that 'not level' eye thing, where one eye is higher than the other? Ya know, Shannon Daugherty style?
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