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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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We must restore vulcan.
Nope. Reset buttons would have completely castrated all balls that the franchise's future would have. If something brand-spanking new resorts to undoing any "damage" it did, then what's the point? We already know how everything is going to end anyways.

Vulcan was at the core of Gene Roddenberry's vision.
Yep. The planet that showed up once during TOS was at the core of Roddenberry's vision. If they were to have deleted Vulcan, we would be without one, maybe two episodes and a bunch of references. I think we could manage.

Together we can have an action film that also respects the vision of the past.

Live long and prosper

How is this disrespecting the vision of the past? The fact that they were willing to go off and do their own thing? Hell, I'll bet that they did the whole "alternate timeline" thing for the sole purpose of letting the fans know that they can go to sleep at night with the knowledge that their favorite universe is still intact somewhere. I'm fine with Amanda being dead, I'm fine with Vulcan being gone, i'm fine with two Spocks, and I would be ok if there was more major changes in the next movie. I nominate the Russian wizz-kid, Ensign Chirpov ( ) for the next casualty.
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