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Re: Angel: Cordelia's Tramp Stamp

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I've got nothing against anal sex btw, just I don't think it's amazing to around advertising you do it or at least love it from behind.

And what's it meant to be for? So the guy banging you from behind can look at it while he's doing you?
Interesting posting over at on this subject:

Comment: I am writing to ask you to disillusion millions of men

I'm talking about the "Tramp Stamp" myth. Many men believe that when a
woman gets a tattoo on her lower back, it means that she is willing to do

I've asked around to all of my friends. None of us had that in mind when
we got our tattoos...Heck, most of the ones I've spoken to have had to have some really annoying conversations with men because of it. This is especially
annoying for those who got their tattoos before they were common, in the
early nineties...
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