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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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-The fight scenes were fantastic. They were not hard to follow and the robots were not hard to keep track of.
Maybe for a hardcore fan, but for a guy who knows next to nothing about them going into the film, it is. I had too much trouble trying to identify who was Autobot or Decepticon, let alone their names. The reason I point this out is because there is probably a decent size amount of theatergoers who are like me in the former aspect. And I'd appreciate if my opinion isn't trivialized as whining or hating, thank you very much.
Haven't seen this one yet, but if the action is anything like the last movie's, I suspect Bay did that somewhat on purpose.

The strong impression I got from the last movie was that Bay was going for a gritty war movie feel, where the audience experienced the battles pretty much the way we would if we were really there on the ground-- as just a lot of chaos and destruction that we could only partially comprehend. This was most apparent in the final city battle.

Personally I found that to be very effective (and a lot more compelling than if we saw everything from a safe distance or in slow mo). I'm curious to see if the battles in TF2 work the same way....
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